Shipping Policy of Tumberry


  1. Processing and Confirmation Time:

After order confirmation, the customer will receive a confirmation email containing the invoice, shipment number, and a tracking link. Tracking is available on the carrier's website via Tracking or in the customer's account on our website.


  1. Shipping Methods and Delivery Times:

Tumberry offers delivery services, each subject to specific carrier procedures. Initially presented estimates for delivery times may vary due to specific conditions.


  1. Shipping Costs:

Costs are automatically calculated based on weight, order value, product segment, and delivery address. Details are provided during the checkout process.


  1. Covered Regions and Restrictions:

We deliver from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, to all regions indicated during the purchase. Special restrictions apply to personalized products.


  1. Tracking and Communication:

Customers can track orders online, but updates may take up to 24 hours after shipment confirmation. Communications regarding order status are sent via email.


  1. Delivery Options:

We offer delivery to the address or a pickup point, subject to specific terms and conditions of each carrier.


  1. Shipping Costs and Refunds:

Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on various factors: actual or volumetric weight of the order, order value, product segment, delivery address, carrier tariffs, which undergo periodic updates. Refunds for shipping occur in specific cases, such as delivery errors or product defects.


  1. Return of Orders:

Return and Refund of Shipping Costs: In case of return due to Tumberry's responsibility, we guarantee a full refund. Specific procedures apply to prepaid orders.

Refund of Shipping Costs: Error in the Product or Defective Product: Full refund of shipping costs will occur in case of error or defect in all shipped products. Note: Refund can be made by the original payment method or through a voucher, valid for 12 months. In cases of Multibanco payment, supplying bank details may be requested. If the delivery failure is the carrier's responsibility, the customer must submit a written complaint, which can be forwarded to the carrier with their prior consent.


  1. Additional Information:

We recommend attention when providing the delivery address, as inaccuracies may result in returns with additional costs for the customer.


  1. Incident Communication:

In case of incidents, such as non-delivery, the customer must communicate with Tumberry, and formal complaints to carriers may be necessary.



Note: These guidelines aim to ensure transparency and efficiency in the shipping process. In exceptional situations, such as unforeseen events or changes in carrier service conditions, Tumberry commits to resolving issues in the best possible way, seeking customer satisfaction.